Do not Track

Do not track is a website that let us think about the privacy of our social websites and computers. The series about do not track explains what the internet can do with our personal information and how easy people can get it. Do not track explains how we are monitorice every day that we us our social apps and that every day there is a chance somebody steals your personal info r account and use it in a bad way. This tell us that a person who know how to track or do this kind of things could steal even your bank account or even know your location.

They are several things we could do to make sure this things don’t happen to us. We just need to use our social apps and the apps that have important information the right way. like there’s apps that protect your phone or your computer but there still a reality every computer can be hack. still you can make it harder or easier to some one to still your information.

Spy on my pocket caught my attention because the cellphone is something. we usually use everyday and some people save their a lot of very important and personal information on them, he fact that every time we open an app on it, it could mean we are being track is impressive hats we have to make things save and know what are we dealing with.


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